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Engineers and those who work with them will need to change the world if we expect to meet our obligation to continue advancing the quality and quantity of human life now and in the future. Threats to our home planet require reversal of environmental degradation and development of new energy sources. Threats to our personal and societal health require more effective and more readily available treatments. Threats from manmade and natural disasters require new methods of protection and prevention. Defusing threats like these will certainly require engineers trained to solve technical problems, but it will also require engineers who can shape public policy, move innovation to the market place, and draw from and contribute to social science and the humanities. The Grand Challenge Scholar Program at Clemson University is designed to help students prepare themselves to become these world changing engineers.

Grand Challenge Scholars will work with other Scholars and with faculty mentors to develop and execute a plan tailored to pursuing a Grand Challenge for engineering in the 21st century1. Scholars will satisfy learning outcomes in each of the following five areas: research experience, interdisciplinary curriculum, entrepreneurship, global dimension, and service learning.