Andy Pethan
Andy Pethan High School Math and Engineering Teacher, Byron High School in Byron, MN
Olin College of Engineering, 2011, B.S. Engineering

“It was in engineering school that I developed a deep passion for creating meaningful educational experiences for high school students. The GCSP allowed me to continue to study engineering, design, and computer science in a way that fully connected to the outlet that I became so passionate about. The Grand Challenge Summit also expanded my vision of personalized learning to something much broader than I initially perceived, sparking a number of future explorations. Since graduation, I have been teaching and designing high school math and engineering classes in Byron, MN, drawing daily on the base I built at Olin and within the GCSP. My newest class, Grand Challenge Design, is directly inspired by the Grand Challenges. Now, as a dad of two, I hope we can all address these challenges as we prepare the world for their future.”