Heather Martin
Heather Martin Electrical Design Engineer, Orbital ATK
Arizona State University, 2015, B.S. Electrical Engineering

“My time in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program was incredible. I entered the GCSP at Arizona State University under the leadership of Dr. Ramakrishna, and the way he conveyed the purpose of the program so passionately really inspired me to give it everything I had. My efforts to meet the requirements of each of the program’s five components pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop skills that were useful throughout my undergraduate career, and continue to be useful to me today. As part of the program, I traveled to the other side of the world, helped found an organization, and established a service-oriented partnership with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital that continues today. Coming into my freshman year, I never could have imagined the things I accomplished through the Grand Challenge Scholars Program. These experiences not only helped broaden my perspective on the challenges we face globally, but they have also helped me more deeply appreciate and understand people that I meet and work with every day.

I have been living in northern Virginia and working for Orbital ATK as part of an electrical design & product engineering group for nearly a year now. My experience in industry has taught me so much and introduced me to many amazing people, but I now see myself making a positive impact in my community and taking on global challenges from a different role. As such, I will be entering law school the semester of Fall 2017. Because of the unbelievable opportunities I had during my undergraduate studies – most of them through the GCSP – I will be heading back to Arizona State University to pursue a juris doctor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.”