Connor Cotton
Connor Cotton Advertising Account Manager, Revolution Messaging
Duke University, 2016, B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

“The Grand Challenge Scholars Program was an incredibly important part of my college experience. Through the interdisciplinary curriculum component of the program, I took classes that allowed me to critically examine not only the technical, but also the economic, social, political, historical, and cultural aspects of the challenges I was attempting to address. This examination eventually led me to pursue a career in politics, where I hope to support the individuals and institutions that are solving the technical components of the Grand Challenges, while also helping to solve the non-technical aspects. The GCSP taught me to apply an analytical framework to complex problems and gave me a strong background in many of the issues that I deal with every day. After graduating, I began working as an advertising account manager at Revolution Messaging, which is a digital consulting firm that focuses on non-profit and progressive political clients.”