Julia King
Julia King PhD Student, University of Washington at Seattle
Arizona State University, 2016, B.S. Chemical Engineering

“My path in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program was an unprecedented way for me to keep an eye on the global issues in sustainability that I care most about while earning my chemical engineering degree that would gain me the knowledge to do something about them.  My research experience in GCSP guided me to the realization of my love for research and the feeling that I can be on the forefront of making a difference through technology and is the reason for my pursuit of a PhD in chemical engineering.  I am currently at the University of Washington and I have no doubt that I am here partially because of my eye-opening interdisciplinary experiences in GGSP that have made me aware of the grandest challenges our world faces today.  It is my hope to help make the world a better place, and because of GCSP I am aware of the most influential places to start.”