Ellen Chisa
Ellen Chisa VP of Product, Lola
Olin College of Engineering, 2010, B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ellen Chisa is the VP of Product at Lola. Lola is a new company that provides travelers with personalized recommendations for hotels and other pieces of travel. Lola raised a Series B round of $25M in January 2017. Previously, she was a Product Manager at Kickstarter and Program Manager at Microsoft. She is currently on leave from the MBA Program at Harvard Business School. Ellen strives to work on products that help people have more meaningful real-world lives. The Grand Challenges program directly impacted Ellen's choice to join Lola. While Ellen was a lifelong personal traveler, she didn't realize the significance of her personal travel until she wrote an essay about the trips for the Globalism piece of her Grand Challenge Scholars Portfolio. The program helped her to realize how significantly travel had shaped her worldview and perspective on products. Ellen joined Lola to help others have the same types of experiences. Lola allows an individual to get personalized recommendations for hotels and flights, and provides 24/7 support. That functionality allows a a traveler to focus on immersive experiences during travel instead of the details.”