Kushal Seetharam
Kushal Seetharam PhD Student, MIT
Duke University, 2014, B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering

“During the GCSP, I worked on a collaborative project with the Village Development Council of Farende, Togo to create a novel system that would sanitize human excreta and convert the byproducts into electricity, organic fertilizer, and food for fish farms. We field tested the system but ran into several logistical and systemic issues that prevented successful completion of the project. Knowing that impacting complex problems requires an understanding of economic and social factors and internalizing that fact are two different things - the GCSP helped drive this point home. After graduating I spent a year further broadening my perspective by doing a science policy internship at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as well as starting a project of my own aimed at enabling better science communication. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at MIT. My research interests lie at the intersection of theoretical AMO (atomic, molecular, and optical) physics, condensed matter theory, and quantum information. In the future, I hope to foster the creation of foundational science and technology as well as catalyze science into public good.”