Gregory D. Poore
Gregory D. Poore MD/PhD Candidate, UC San Diego School of Medicine
Duke University, 2016, B.S. Biomedical/Medical Engineering

“Four years ago, I lost my grandmother to a disease that had no explanation or treatment; its progression was unstoppable. Pancreatic cancer made a stifling entrance into our family and left as quickly as it came: less than 2 months from diagnosis to death. The whole experience left me with far more questions than answers and a burgeoning fire to better understand the origins and progressions of such tumors. The GCSP foci of 'engineering better medicines' and 'advancing health informatics' helped me to do exactly that. The following year, I launched into research on cancer genomics at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore and continued in translational bioinformatics when back at Duke Medicine in the USA. These projects showed me firsthand the potential for translational research ('bench to bedside') to make an impact on patients and taught me many valuable skills along the way; they have since been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Genetics, Leukemia, and Genome Medicine. While doing cancer research abroad, I also finalized an independent DukeEngage project as part of the GCSP service component, which shortly thereafter brought me to Cambodia. Over the course of following 3 months, I wrote national policy recommendations in collaboration with World Vision to address the 40% malnutrition rate in children under five. Our findings have since been published and distributed to Khmer government officials. Overall, my experience in the GCSP has tremendously highlighted the value of a career that blends medicine, research, and service. I now continue that endeavor as a MD/PhD candidate at UC San Diego School of Medicine, aspiring to serve others well as a budding physician-scientist.”