Andrew Mang
Andrew Mang Chairman, Aswanet Rwanda, Ltd.
Duke University, 2012, B.S. Mechanical Engineering & Economics

“My work in the GCSP began with Engineers Without Borders and evolved into an independent study where I performed research into a new type of hand-pump for rural villages of developing countries. After I graduated, I worked at a tech company for a few years and then quit my job to pursue my work in Africa full-time. I co-founded Aswanet with my colleagues in Rwanda and Uganda, and I spend my time working to develop partnerships with other companies and organizations around the world that will help us succeed. Aswanet offers a wide variety of services, including geophysical investigations, design, construction, operation, and management of water infrastructure in East Africa. The GSCP was the perfect complement to my technical education because it gave me the entrepreneurial skills, the global perspective, and the confidence to push my dreams forward into reality.”