Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil R. Gupta Founder & CEO, Determinant Materials - Electronics Recycling, Materials Production
Olin College of Engineering, 2013, B.S. Chemical Engineering

"The Grand Challenges focus on some of the core societal problems facing mankind, as determined by the National Academy of Engineering. As a young college student, I was excited to focus on tackling some of these core problems, particularly through entrepreneurship. For my GCSP project, I focused on the theme of Sustainability. I worked on a project building and analyzing various biofuel production processes, covering biodiesel production from Waste Vegetable Oil and Algae, and biogas production from Municipal Solid Waste. It was a great experience and it further fueled my passion to help solve the energy/resource/environment challenge.

Post-graduation, I worked at an oil refinery for Royal Dutch Shell and at a major consulting company in the energy, chemicals, & resources space, Nexant. However, I returned to my sustainability and entrepreneurship roots when I launched my hard technology startup, Determinant Materials. We are tackling the problem of electronic waste and are looking to build modular Microrefineries for the domestic, localized processing of e-waste and the production of secure, traceable, critical materials."