Fernanda Gushken
Fernanda Gushken Medical School Student at Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil
University of Southern California, 2017, B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering w/Minor in Business Administration

Fernanda Gushken went on to get a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Minor in Business Administration and Master’s of Science in Engineering Education from the University of Southern California.

 “The NAE Grand Challenges Scholar program allowed me to see that college is much more than developing a career-focused curriculum. It provides many opportunities to understand what mission each of us have and encourages us to use our passion to improve something. In my case I’m passionate about healthcare and have a mission to improve the public health system of my home country, Brazil. After graduating at USC, I got in Albert Einstein Medical School in Brazil and currently engage in research and projects towards a better quality, efficient and equitable healthcare system.”