Shaun Wootten
Shaun Wootten Director of Research and Development and Director of Service Engineering at Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc.
Arizona State University, 2017, B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering and B.S Biochemistry w/Minor in Business

Shaun Wootten is also the Interim Chief Technology Officer as well as the Project Management and Engineering Operations Adviser for Xtest, Inc.

“GCSP elevated myself into the entrepreneurial climate where I got to contemplate some of the most interesting topics of precision and personalized medicine. I got to travel to Israel for a study abroad in Summer 2016 where I met with VCs and Founders of startup companies to understand what makes a great startup. This propelled me to look into the Arizona startup climate and join Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc. where I got the opportunity to build from the ground up an R&D department and bring products from concept to market. I hope to incubate Arizona startups and make Arizona one day the next Silicon Valley.”