Anushikha Sharma
Anushikha Sharma Associate Software Engineer at Moody’s Analytics
Bucknell University, 2019, B.S. Computer Science and Engineering & B.A. Women’s and Gender Studies

"The GCSP program has a unique approach to guiding the engineering curriculum. It allows for engineering majors to dig themselves out from the day-to-day assignments and exams, and focus on the big picture challenges related to their majors. I focused on the Grand challenges of Securing Cyberspace, Enhancing Virtual Reality and Advancing Personalized Learning – all which are directly relevant to my career as a computer scientist. Thus, for me, GSCP was a good reminder about why is it that I wanted to become an engineer (before I got sucked into code cleaning and debugging). Through a combination of research, study abroad, and service learning, I could pursue the real-time ways in which technology could help (or create challenges) in the actual world. I hope the program is able to lead the way for not just technically sound, but also socially, economically and culturally aware engineers!"