Luke Vest
Luke Vest Medical student at Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Saint Louis University, 2019, B.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Luke Vest also had original research that was published in "Clinical Transplantation". This work assessed the outcomes of kidney transplant recipients who took various diabetes medications in the first year after transplant. Here is the link:

My GCSP theme was Advance Health Informatics, and this lead to me participate in several projects that helped me to develop my skills in collecting and analyzing biomedical data. For my senior capstone project, my team developed a wearable medical sensor for detecting various biometrics to determine opioid use. We wrote an IRB protocol that was approved to test our device on real subjects. I also worked in a clinical research lab where I analyzed data from a national registry of transplant recipients and donors to determine long-term patient outcomes. GCSP helped prepare me for a career in medicine where I can contribute to the field of health informatics to improve patient care.