Isa Ferrall
Isa Ferrall PhD Student in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley
Duke University, 2015, B.S. Mechanical Engineering w/Certificate in Energy and the Environment

“During my undergraduate studies, I had a clear vision of wanting to use the problem solving techniques and skills based in engineering to address the diverse issues preventing solar energy from reaching its full potential, but there was not a clear track for me to follow. The Grand Challenge Scholar Program and a focus on the Making Solar Energy Economical Challenge provided a framework and support for me to engage in research at world-class research instrumentation labs, participate in interdisciplinary and advanced courses in energy, attend presentations and conferences, and engage in global service. These activities made possible through the program deepened my awareness and heightened my motivation to develop practical solutions for society's energy problems. My PhD research on decentralized energy access in developing countries, electricity reliability, solar innovation, and data sharing come directly from my experiences with GCSP.”