Amos Heng
Amos Heng Research Commercialization Lead at the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health
National University of Singapore, 2019, B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Innovation & Design

“I was first inspired to enter the Medtech industry during my pre-college days as an army medic when I saw the difference medical devices made in saving lives. During my GCSP journey, I took the opportunity to embark on various Medtech student engineering projects including a gesture based action tracker for kids with cerebral palsy and a fall risk assessment wearable tool for the elderly. I also volunteered for an overseas community involvement project in Laos and embarked on yearlong work study entrepreneurship program called the NUS Overseas Colleges in Shanghai, China. The various experiences and perspectives I got as a user, an engineer and an entrepreneur made me a better person in understanding what it takes to translate healthcare research into products/services that can actually make an impact on the ground.  I am currently a research commercialization lead at the Medical AI Labs at NUS and our most advanced project is an AI Assistant software for screening mammograms which we believe will make a difference in helping to enhance the breast cancer screening process among women around the world.”