Francesco Tresalti
Francesco Tresalti Pursuing Master’s Degree in Renewable Sources of Energy at La Sapienza
La Sapienza (University of Rome), 2019, B.S. Energy Engineering

"The title of my GCSP project is PV powered pumping system proposal: Providing access to water - Rutenderi. It is a comparative analysis between two different methods (a subsurface and a well system) to bring water to a Rwandan village called Rutenderi. I visited the site with colleagues and professors from Rome, on January 2019, in order to study the new PV plant they have. I thought that a possible technical development could be a pumping water system, because water is a primary and an essential source to all aspects of life. GCSP helped me to understand the real target of our work. We are not working for ourselves, for our knowledge, not even for our career. Our mission is to improve the lives of the people in the rural areas of the least developed countries. We can help them to grow in a social point of view, thanks to tools like pumping water systems. This is the reason why the world is constantly asking for new engineers: for genuine support."