Aaron Greiner
Aaron Greiner Director of CultureHouse
Olin College, 2018, B.S. in Engineering w/Concentration in Sustainable and Social Design

“While at Olin, the GCSP program allowed me to reflect back on the projects I had done and connect them together in a way that I had not previously realized. Through the program, I discovered that much of my work centered around how people interact with the space around them and how those spaces can improve quality of life. With this realization, I went on to develop CultureHouse, a project to bring pop-up community spaces to vacant storefronts, in my last year at Olin. This project brought together all the work that I had done previously and centered it around a mission to bring the joy of living to all. Now, a year after graduating, I have continued to develop the project and we have now opened our second pop-up.”