Ninareh Mehrabi
Ninareh Mehrabi PhD student at the Information Sciences Institute of University of Southern California
University of Southern California, 2018, B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science

“GCSP has helped me to think how I can leverage my engineering/science knowledge for the social good which played an important role in making decision for my PhD thesis proposal. My PhD study is going to be about fairness and biases in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and generally speaking AI for social good. GCSP motivated me to think out of the box and find ways to help the society with every single new thing I learn, which then made me form my PhD studies around helping others by the research I do in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence systems are used everywhere and they can amplify the existing biases in the society from the data which is already biased coming from humans. The goal is to avoid these systems to catch those biases in order to have more fair intelligent systems.”