Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang RF/mmWave Engineer & Systems Engineer at a 5G Wireless Startup
University of Southern California, 2018, B.S. Electrical Engineering

Kevin Jiang went on to receive his M.S. from the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering. Also, Kevin is currently a M.S. Computer Science Candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology.

“GCSP has been an enriching, foundational experience. As someone with deep interests in both the STEM fields and the social sciences, I came into college concerned about how to resolve my broad interests into a career. GCSP provided a framework to help me distill my varied interests into a satisfactory career path.

The program emphasizes depth and breadth in science and engineering knowledge, hands-on business and implementation experience, and an awareness of the ethical and social effects of engineering decisions both locally and globally. In this way, GCSP is like a liberal arts curriculum for engineers. You will learn how to apply your scientific, detail-oriented engineering mindset to solve multidisciplinary, big-picture problems.

I would highly recommend it to all engineering students.”