Rhea Choudhury
Rhea Choudhury Technical Development Program Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences
University of Southern California, 2019, B.S. Biomedical Engineering w/Minor in Healthcare Studies

“GCSP significantly impacted the way I approached my engineering education at USC, encouraging me to understand the medical field in a holistic, interdisciplinary way. I focused on the challenge Engineering Better Medicines, but chose to tackle it through a variety of different avenues, from biomechanics research to community health volunteering to medtech entrepreneurship. Because of my involvement with GCSP, I not only received a strong technical background in engineering, but also gained more abstract skills, like global awareness, community understanding and business communication. I was also able to understand the need for all of these skills in today's complex, interconnected world, and gain confidence in my own abilities to meaningfully contribute to solutions for these challenges. The understanding, appreciation, and skills I took away from GCSP have prepared me well for my current position at Edwards Lifesciences, where I work on medical devices in the cardiovascular space; I've continued to seek opportunities to engineer better medicines. One day, I hope to create a biomedical venture of my own, and finish what I started in the GCSP.”