Emilia Chojkiewicz
Emilia Chojkiewicz Pursuing Master's degree in Smart Grid Engineering in Europe
Duke University, 2019, B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering w/Minor in Energy Engineering

“My GCSP project focused on the challenge of Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure through the lens of sustainable development and renewable energy. As part of my e-portfolio, I researched energy efficiency in Duke dorms; led a project comparing Duke's tap, drinking, and surface water to Duke Kunshan University's; investigated the wake shielding effect in wind farms; helped design and construct a rainwater catchment system in Madagascar; installed solar panels on the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation in southern California; interned at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where I modeled real-world energy infrastructure for electric vehicles; and much more. These experiences simultaneously made me realize the interdisciplinary nature of the 21st century's Grand Challenges and equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and versatility to solve them. In fact, I was so inspired by my internship modeling energy infrastructure that I decided to return to KTH to pursue a 2-year Master's degree in Smart Grid Engineering.”