Bruce Lim
Bruce Lim Pursuing Double Master’s Degree in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (AMIS) at Grenoble Institute of Technology
National University of Singapore, 2019, B.S.E. Materials Science and Engineering

“Being in GCSP helped me to realize the importance of focusing on the need in the market before developing a solution, as reverse-engineering a need from a technology already developed is often counter-intuitive and does not actually fulfill the needs of stakeholders. On the side of developing a product as an entrepreneur, I also took home many lessons on the importance of market analysis and research, as well as the importance of understanding our consumers.

These are all essential skills that I think any engineer should possess in today’s rapidly changing work environment, with collaboration and interdisciplinary work becoming increasingly important throughout all fields of work. As I go on to pursue a Master’s degree in innovation and materials engineering, the lessons I learned from GCSP will undoubtedly be of great help to me as I continue to strive to make positive change using the skills I have developed.”