Tvisha Gangwani
Tvisha Gangwani Graduate Student at Columbia University in Computer Engineering with an emphasis in IoT and Machine Learning
University of Southern California, 2018, B.S. Electrical Engineering

“The grand challenge scholars program taught me how to be well rounded. Creativity, entrepreneurship, cultural competence are all pillars of the program on which my experiences were built. I learned that there was so much more to being an engineer than just science and mathematics. You needed to be empathetic, but decisive, intelligent, but humble and most importantly innovative, but cautious. My project was on making solar energy more economical. I helped start an initiative in this small rural village in India where I worked on solar paneling of hothouses to save farmers money and make their business more sustainable. As I worked through this initiative I learned so much about the various aspects needed to make an engineering initiative a success. It also made me realize that I wanted to continue studying because there was so much more out there that I didn't know enough about.”