Zichang Yang
Zichang Yang  Pursuing a M.S. in General Structure Engineering at the Imperial College London
City University of Hong Kong, 2019, B.S. Civil and Structure Engineering

“During the four years of study, the GCSP served as a lamp that lights up my path. Following the five curricular requirements, I got the importance of being a well-rounded man. The fantastic experience, like watching the sunrise at the library of UCL, exploring the wisdom of AI in Taiwan, teaching the dropout student on Thailand, all enriched my ordinary life and outlooks. Life is a boat against the current while the GCSP is the sail pushing me forward. Throughout the way I have sought after so far, I increasingly comprehended the inseparable tie between modern construction techniques and the information industry, by hands-on practice. Thanks to GCSP, I would believe the combination of civil engineering and computer science will play a more and more vital role in the future.”