Chee Shing Tan
Chee Shing Tan Project Engineer at Mewaholeo Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Taylor’s University, Malaysia, 2019, B.S.E. Chemical Engineering

“My GCSP journey was nonetheless challenging but fruitful. As a nature lover, it hurts me every time to see human activities disrupting the ecosystem. I was determined to make a difference to this situation by partaking in this scholars program as a researcher. I kickstarted the project Bioconversion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent into Microbial Protein as an effort to manage the nitrogen cycle and explore sustainable methods to obtain food source. I was able to prove that we have been living luxurious lives of wasting valuable food sources into thin air, and by cultivating the right bacteria, we get to extract essential nutrients from waste that was deemed worthless. Through this program, I have found my true north in life. This is definitely not the end of my GCSP journey, and I am working towards my goals to build a sustainable tomorrow.”