Bach Nguyen
Bach Nguyen PhD candidate in Chemical Physics, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Lafayette College, 2017, B.S. Chemical Engineering

"My GCSP project was to improve a novel biodegradable polymer, develop accompanying production processes and formulate a strategy to bring the product to market. The GCSP has allowed me to apply the engineering and research mindset towards solving challenges at a holistic scale and in areas beyond my expertise. Most importantly, my GCSP experience has taught me that we are not afforded the luxury of staying within our comfort zone when tackling difficult obstacles – rather, the scientific research and engineering mindset must be applied towards acquiring the necessary skills and applying them proficiently towards solving the task at hand.

In addition to my current research into enzyme catalysis mechanisms using computational quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics approaches, I serve as a University of Minnesota CREATE fellow, working with local community members to create predictive models for guiding urban developments; I am also employed as a consultant in the biomedical devices sector, identifying unmet needs and formulate materials development strategies."