Scott Martin
Scott Martin Energy and Sustainable Technology Development at 8 Rivers Capital
Duke University, 2014, B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering w/Minor in Chemistry and Certificate in Energy and the Environment

Scott Martin is also the Chief Engineer at the NET Power Demonstration Facility. 

“Throughout my middle and high school years I was fascinated by our human relationship with energy and our environment. I wanted to transform the way we consume and the way we live for the better. At Duke I joined GCSP to work in the field of electrofuels, a technology which uses microorganisms to produce liquid fuels through pathways other than photosynthesis. The thought was that special microbes could be designed to fix CO2 and produce useful fuel at much lower cost and energy than photosynthetic microbes. Sadly my work on the project and my senior year classes in general were hampered by a hand injury... making typing and number crunching difficult. But GCSP continued to pay dividends, fostering a network of motivated peers tackling mind-bending and transformational ideas. Later that year, through GCSP I attended a conference leading to my current role at 8 Rivers, a sustainable technology firm revolutionizing the way we use carbon-based fuels. Just goes to show, as an alum I’m still working to tackle the Grand Challenges.”