Xiang Li
Xiang Li Pursuing MSc in Soil Mechanics at Imperial College London
City University of Hong Kong, 2019, B.S.E. Civil and Structural Engineering

“The Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) introduced me to a broader engineering world related to interdisciplinary society containing finance, art, and politics consideration. For a global view of civil development, under GCSP, after the exchange in National University of Singapore (NUS), I was also inspired to attend the delegation to Taiwan, Tokyo, and Sydney, with graduate engineers from Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) and Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). These experiences illuminate me the importance of the infrastructures to people, society, and economy. In this way, the GCSP strengthens my determination to narrow the global infrastructural development gap. I will continue this endeavor in my further pursuit at Imperial College London and in my aspiration to serve as an Engineer without Borders in the future.”