Nicole Naselaris
Nicole Naselaris Fulbright Fellow in Vigo, Spain
University of Rochester, 2019, B.S. Optical Engineering

Nicole Naselaris just finished working as a research assistant at the University of Rochester in the laboratory of Professor Wayne H. Knox, conducting research in the fields of biomedical optics and optics education. In September, she will begin a one-year Fulbright fellowship in Vigo, Spain, where she will be teaching English. After that, she hopes to attend grad school to continue her education in optics. 

“My grand challenge was Enhancing Virtual Reality, where I worked to understand the broad range of applications that virtual and augmented reality have in optics, art history, and language translation. While at the University of Rochester, I assisted in research that focused on virtual reality through the lens of optics, and during a study abroad semester in Madrid I focused on learning how virtual reality could be used in museums to allow for easier transfer of information to people of varying native languages. My grand challenge has impacted my future by strengthening my desire to continue learning about virtual reality and its many applications.”