Sum Po Ava Chan
Sum Po Ava Chan MSc by research student at University of Oxford
City University of Hong Kong, 2018, B.S. Applied Biology

“My scientific outlook was greatly inspired by the GCSP. It is a combined curricular and extra-curricular program that allows students to integrate research experience, global dimension, interdisciplinary curriculum, service learning and entrepreneurship. The program really helps to prepare students like me to be future engineers and scientists, next generation leaders that could solve the 14 Grand Challenges facing the world in this century. I had the opportunity to join the summer research laboratory attachment at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in Germany in 2017. Throughout the summer program, I gained insights on what antibiotic regimens can inhibit resistant evolution in antibiotic resistant pathogens. I hope that I can utilize my knowledge in the biomedical field to impact current clinical practices so as to improve our quality of life.”