Kanika Gakhar
Kanika Gakhar NSF Fellow & Whittle Fellow, Research Assistant at MIT's Gas Turbine Lab
Texas A&M University, 2018, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering

“The GCSP program helped me take an all-rounded approach during my undergraduate career by giving me a platform to network with students and mentors across campus and connecting me with opportunities to engage in research, entrepreneurship, global service, and interdisciplinary learning. As a GCSP fellow, I conducted research on the performance of flapping wing mechanisms for a robotic hummingbird. In an attempt to address the "tools for scientific discovery" challenge, I saw this program as the perfect opportunity for me to combine my love for science with my passion for engineering. I had the opportunity to attend and present my research at the Global Grand Challenges Symposium in 2017 which not only gave me international exposure but also helped me learn about the other global challenges and how they are being addressed by GCSP fellows all over the world.”