Landen McDonald
Landen McDonald Post-Bachelor’s Research Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2019, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

“The focus of my GCSP experience centered around being the lead engineer on an experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory investigating future generation turbulent flow modelling using superfluid helium. This experiment was designed to improve upon current computational fluid dynamics models which has applications extending from the fundamentals of string theory to better engineering boats and submarines. Although this was a very technically focused aspect of my experience, GCSP allowed me to further expand many facets of my engineering career that have provided me with a broader sense of the impact that engineers have on the world around them. From teaching students the fundamentals of engineering and problem solving at a local elementary school, to learning about the global significance that is coupled with the decisions that engineers make on a daily basis, GCSP has been in invaluable experience that has fully prepared me for the next level of my career.”