Kerri Devine
Kerri Devine Engineering Manager and Program Manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Duke University, 2013, B.S.E. Electrical & Computer Engineering and B.S. Computer Science w/Certificate in Energy & Environment

“With buildings currently consuming over 40% of the world's energy and wasting over half of that energy, a truly energy secure future will require the digitization of our built environment.  As a Grand Challenges Scholar, I analyzed the ways in which software can be used to make the physical buildings in which we work, live, and play more energy efficient, culminating in a thesis titled Making the Build Environment Smarter.  Post-graduation, I continued working toward a more energy-efficient future as a member of Siemens' Engineering Leadership Development Program with the Building Technologies division. Over the last 6 years, I have worked on teams around the world developing several cutting edge building automation products, one of which was awarded a U.S. patent. Today, I lead a team of engineers designing the next generation of solutions in the smart building domain. The Grand Challenges Scholar Program ignited a life-long passion of solving the various challenges associated with building energy consumption.”