Andrea Kraetz
Andrea Kraetz PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins University in Chemical Engineering as a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
Arizona State University, 2019, B.S. Chemical Engineering w/Minor in Materials Science

“In order to complete my engineering degree, much of my education was focused solely on technical classes such as calculus, thermodynamics, etc. While these types of classes are essential to the degree, they do not provide much context to the problems that engineering is used to solve. GCSP gave me an opportunity to look at engineering as something bigger and with a greater purpose: to solve current and prominent problems facing the world today. With this context, it became easier for me to focus the technical education on what is actually needed. Through GSCP, I researched issues with global access to water by developing a nanomaterial that removed toxins such as selenium from various water sources including cooling tower water at power plants. As I enter graduate school, GCSP has inspired me to continue working towards a more sustainable Earth through the development of cleaner energy sources that reduce carbon emissions.”