Naish Gaubatz
Naish Gaubatz Flight Test Engineer at The Boeing Company
University of Southern California, 2018, B.S. Aerospace Engineering

“The GCSP program positively affected my technical breadth while studying engineering at USC by expanding my familiarity beyond aerospace engineering. A good engineer is not the smartest in the room, but the one who can formulate and communicate their ideas to achieve real results. The GCSP challenged me to familiarize myself with global challenges that are not always readily apparent, and provided me with the perspective to understand the importance in the job I do every day - certifying the safest commercial aircraft in the world. Programs like the GCSP emphasize the end result (for me, people being able to connect with their loved ones safely) through the process of superior engineering practice. Today, I work to test and certify the 777-9, Boeing's largest commercial aircraft ever built, and the lessons learned from GCSP have made me more effective at doing so.”