Haley Wohlever
Haley Wohlever MS/PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley
University of Rochester, 2019, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

“My participation in the GCSP, which focused on the challenge of providing access to clean water, has irrevocably and favorably shaped my undergraduate years and continues to shape my future. I served as Project Lead for my university’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders on a Clean Water Filtration and Distribution project at a primary school in the Dominican Republic. Through my position, I traveled twice to our project site, worked with an incredible team of students and community members to monitor and improve our chapter’s design through the introduction of solar energy, and saw first-hand the impact our work had on the quality of water available to the community.

The GCSP has allowed me to explore the applications of my engineering curriculum while compelling me to look beyond it to fully appreciate how multifaceted these challenges are. I am currently enrolled in UC Berkeley’s mechanical engineering MS/PhD program where I am part of a group focused on researching Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems.”