John Aguillard
John Aguillard Electrical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Louisiana Tech University, 2019, B.S. Electrical Engineering

John Aguillard is also pursuing a M.S. in Space Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

"Even early in my undergraduate career, the GCSP gave me the encouragement, network, and opportunities needed to make an impact. From my first day of college, I knew that I wanted to develop new technologies at NASA, and the challenge of “engineering the tools of scientific discovery” stood out as a perfect match to my goals. Throughout my time in GCSP, I have worked multiple NASA internships supporting real spacecraft and performed research developing next-gen spacecraft communication systems. In my senior year I, along with another GCSP participant, founded a start-up developing UAVs for long duration (multi-day) flight. In the next step of my career, I will continue building these "tools of scientific discovery" through both continued entrepreneurship and my work on the NASA Dragonfly spacecraft as an Electrical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.”